Thursday, May 24, 2018


What kind of person do I want to be?
One self-absorbed? One aching to be free?
One well aware of what’s been said and done?
Or one just interested in having fun?

So many questions race throughout my head.
I wish that I could just lie down and rest,
And contemplate less pressing things at hand—
Alas, for me, things stand the way they stand.

Perhaps it’s just my lot to be condemned
To tortured thoughts that just can’t be hemmed in.
I wish I didn’t care so much about
The specters taunting my hopes, dreams, and doubts.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Better Man

You ask me if I have regrets; I pause.
Of course I have regrets—mostly because
I never lived up to what I professed
To be, and now I feel I must confess.

I made so many promises I broke.
I kept quiet at times I should have spoke.
I left to chance, things I could have ensured—
Let turn to ash, things that could have endured.

I hope one day to be a better man.
I hope one day I’ll better understand
The reasons for the choices that I made,
And not let my existence be in vain.

Friday, December 1, 2017


“Come back to me,” — four words I never spoke.
Yet, countless times they’ve been caught in my throat.
I just can’t muster up the nerve to tell
You, life without you’s been a living hell.

I miss you every day, and can’t escape
This gaping wound left open in your wake.
Yet, I still feel, deep down, I don’t deserve
A woman like yourself. You’re much too good

For someone like myself, who’s made mistakes
That cannot be reversed. In any case,
if you return to me, I’ll spend my life
Indebted to you for your sacrifice.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our Differences

Say what you will—it still won’t change the fact
You left, and told me you weren’t coming back.
You chose a life you thought’d bypass regrets,
And now must suffer what that life begets.

A myriad of struggles lie ahead
Of you—imbued with despondence and dread.
I hope you find a way to pass the time,
That doesn’t chip away your peace of mind.

I wish that you and I could have found ground,
Of common origin, to hammer out
Our differences, and part, at least, as friends—
Alas, some just aren’t fated for amends.

Monday, September 25, 2017

One More Night

There was a time when neither you nor I
Was right, and all we had to fret about
Was how to make it through the long, cold night,
To glimpse the morning’s pure, imbuing light.

Those times are gone and never coming back.
We took them for granted, and now we’re at
A place where we must fight for what we have,
Or leave what we’ve accomplished in the past.

I’ve questioned whether it is worth the fight.
I’ve wrestled with these thoughts through sleepless nights.
I’ve prayed for some vague semblance of a sign...
Perhaps I’ll sleep on it, just one more night.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Diff'rent Songs

How is it after all these years have passed,
The thought of you still turns my heart to glass?
Dismembered memories begin to mend,
And stir my hands to write words down again.

You ruined me before, and thus I can’t
Imagine taking any other stance
Than pondering what might and could have been,
If you had felt as I did deep within.

Alas, your heart belonged to someone else.
As life went on we lost touch—and ourselves.
And now, years later, we could mend our bond,
But now we’re diff’rent people—diff’rent songs.

A stranger with a sweet, familiar face,
Reminding me of all my past mistakes,
Is not what I require at this time.

Perhaps we’re fated in another life…